Hell, Montana


Some old signs call this place ‘Helena’ but people don’t because Hell sums it up well enough I suppose.

This place is pretty shit. I mean, everywhere’s pretty shit, so Hell is too I guess. It’s dirty, it smells, the weather is awful, and there’s wild animals goddamn everywhere. But it’s got walls and lights and guards so it’s better than pretty much anywhere else around, so there you go. Better than being out with the burners sure as shit.


Current Factions active in Hell:

Rothschild – Tenpenny / Dennis Hopper in Land of the Dead type. Tries to maintain a minimum of civility in the wasted future. Controls the old downtown district, the best kept (not always the highest compliment) chunk of Hell. Notable landmarks include Rothschild Tower, the old Placer hotel & condominiums building, and The Montana Club, one of the few places in the midwest, much less the nation, where you can relive the golden age of legend in the finest (rough approximation of) aprecolypse luxury. Still technically open as a tourist attraction, as it were, mostly it’s Rothschild’s main holding. The various leaders of Hell can be found here on occasion discussing new deals & cutting agreements.

Also runs the nearest thing to a bazaar & market in Hell. Every day between sunup and sundown the ground floors of all Rothschild buildings on Last Chance Gulch are opened to foot traffic, which always means people hawking their wares and services; shopkeeps setting up booths, traveling exhibitions & amusements, prostitutes, etc. Hell On Wheels, except not on wheels.

Although main security duty for the generality of the town falls to Skidmark and his goons, Rothschild understands the value of having muscle of his own & to this end has acquired the services of both Decker & Din Dan Dan. He’s got Din Dan by the balls, because keeping a gang that size in fuel and in repair costs a goddamn fortune. Decker deals directly with Princey & Three-Foot, so the relationship there is much more equitable and businesslike, a fact that Rothschild secretly despises and might just make a move to correct going forward.

Rothschild is canny but not particularly well informed. He is a danger to the PCs through his ignorance.

Princey’s Boys – Oil baron from up north, keeps a shop in Hell because it’s the most center location. Dirty scumbag hardass businessman who knows damn well how important he is and makes sure to take advantage of it. Everybody wants the oil, and he’s organization is essential in getting it, but he isn’t as much. Not often in town, but has a working deal with Skidmark & Rothschild to keep his holdings safe & his products for sale for their own supplies of black gold.

He’d be the first against the wall by everyone in town if he ever exposed himself to any great degree. He keeps his refineries and fields secret and ties as much information essential to running his business tied up inside his own head and with only his most trusted. It’s not impossible to figure out… but certainly problematic.

Princey’s greedy and a born despot and his Boys are happy to treat him so. He is a threat through his Envy.

Three-Foot - Miner, metallurgist, and mineral processing baron. A would-be warlord if he had his way. More content to use his control of the town’s mine and natural resources to barter and make himself the best outfitted. The best tools can’t entirely make up for his men not being a true warband, but it’s close enough most of the time.

Controls the north end of town pretty thoroughly with designs on moving into some of Rothschild’s more central territory. Got cut out of the deal with Princey by Rothschild and is forced to play ball at less than favorable rates for his own oil. Who knows how long he’ll tolerate getting it from Rothschild, though. For their shabbier equipment, Skidmark’s men are pretty competent at matching his own forces.

Doctor Proctor – The good doc is anything but. Holed up in a relatively large division of town around the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena, the doc experiments to unknown and unasked ends by the other groups in town. Seemingly without political aspirations of his own and little desire to expand his holdings in the face of his fellow residents’ conniving, Proctor & his entourage Are usually left unmolested about town, even in the deepest parts of Three-Foot and Skidmark’s territory if there’s business they’re attending to.

This treatment is due to fear as much as his even keeled manner, as the Doc has shown ability and knowledge well beyond the ken of most men. Happy to barter his talents, the abilities of his associates and his knowledge for specimens, raw materials or specific goods with everyone in town, The Doctor is as much as natural resource to the political players in Hell as the actual natural resources.

Proctor is a consummate mindfucker willing to destroy lives. He is a threat through his Thirst

Skidmark – town security

Skidmark needs to prove he’s the baddest an the biggest. He’s a threat through his Ambition.

Swami Kasharo – cult leader of The Illuminated Solar Order of Man Descending, heading up the search for He Who Fell To Earth. Talks up big plans for delivering his people unto heaven through the agency of Sevchenko, implied to be a trip.

Kasharo’s nihilistic fatalism degenerates what’s left of society by it’s mere presence. He is a threat by Decay.

Hell, Montana

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